Do you want to resolve a legal dispute outside of court? Would you like to avoid protracted litigation? Do you believe both parties can reach an agreement without the expense and stress of a trial?

The law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, helps you use mediation to:

  • Negotiate a legal issue in a neutral environment
  • Determine whether to resolve an issue through the court system
  • Decide on a course of action in order to resolve a dispute
  • Reach an agreement and resolve claims

Mediation and Divorce

Mediation is often the best choice for family law cases because:

  • The process encourages parties to reach consensus using realistic compromise.
  • It is almost always much less expensive than a drawn out legal battle.
  • You avoid a judge, who does not have time to know your case in detail, making arbitrary decisions about your life.

Rather than asking a stranger to make hasty and life-altering decisions, make your own decisions with a certified mediator.

Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, Certified Mediator

Certified as a mediator, Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, is a knowledgeable and neutral mediator who can guide the parties through decision making regarding all family law issues.

The law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law:

  • Provides quality mediation services
  • Ensures the parties understand the mediation process
  • Maintains impartiality towards the parties
  • Safeguards confidentiality
  • Helps the parties reach their own decisions regarding their case
  • Drafts the mediated legal agreement

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